Mystic Jungle

A key figure in the new Neapolitan electronic movement, owner of Futuribile Record Club and Periodica Records.
Since 2009 he has produced more than 50 records, founded and curated the label Early Sounds Recordings until 2016 and performed around the world with the alias Rio Padice, signing with prestigious labels and touching the peak of maturity with the album “Tropical Interlune” (Early Sounds, 2013).
Many concrete projects and aliases used until the final maturation with the pseudonym Mystic Jungle, natural evolution of an artist who does not want borders or labels and knows how to wander between disco, electro boogie, cosmic synth and esoteric solutions. „Jungle Thrills“ (that became cult in the underground scene), „Terror From The Deep“ and a 7 „limited they were the first works as a soloist in addition to three albums produced as The Mystic Jungle Tribe, direct emanation of the project in band format accompanied by the inspiration of Raffaele Arcella (Whodamanny) and Enrico Fierro (Milord).


27.10.2018 | Sektor Evolution: DAVE OFF

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