Mit MERIKAN konnte dabei ein echter Senkrechtstarter des DnB gewonnen werden. Er wirbelt mit seinen Releases u.a. auf Blackout oder Prspct mächtig über´s Parkett und segelt dabei hart am Wind des progressiven Neurofunk, der schon mal in Richtung Darkstep schielt.

Merikan aka Guiliano Gronholz is a hard hitting neuro producer and DJ situated in Pozzuoli, Italy. At the age of 20 he began attending hardcore raves and immersing himself in the music scene where he developed a passion for various types of electronic dance music including psytrance, dubstep and primarily – Drum and Bass.

When he discovered his true passion for dnb it wasn’t long until he felt the urge to create this kind of music himself. That’s when in 2011 he would enrol on a music production and technology course at the famous Point Blank, London and where he would also cross paths and make solid friendships with Eatbrain’s Disprove, along with NeuroFunkGrid resident and Leeds based producer – Cruk.

As he spent the next couple of years learning the ins and outs of how to make bass music and honing his skills, it was in 2012 he won the Regula & Dimentia Remix content hosted by Citrus Recordings. That very same year he had his first set of releases with a 2 track EP entitled “Flipside” on UK label Disturbed Recordings as well as the “Metamorphosis” EP on Close 2 Death Recordings in 2013.

By 2015 he’d reached another milestone by finally completing his music course. After residing in London for one more year, early 2016 saw him release “The Banality of Evil” – Another EP hosted on Close2Death Recordings. Eventually he moved back to his hometown in Italy where he continued to create and develop his signature style and it was towards the end of 2016 which would see him through to his biggest achievement yet – 4 tracks signed to Black Sun Empire’s label Blackout. The “Evolutions Series Vol.3” EP was released in December 2016 which featured 1 of the 4 tracks entitled “End of the Line” along with tunes from various other artists and very quickly made it to number 1 in the Beatport charts.

Now with a string of top quality releases under his belt, and plenty more filth forthcoming on various labels – it’s safe to say Merikan is someone who is in undoubtedly shaking the walls of the dark drum and bass world right now and is certainly one to watch out for in 2017.


21.10.2017 | DAVE ON! Drum & Bass in der Chemiefabrik



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