German ambient musician Niklas Rehme-Schlüter began releasing music under the name Cass. in 2012, creating loop-based compositions with pianos, strings, and other acoustic instruments, as well as field recordings.
His early 2013 ‚Loops & Farewell Sketches‘ immediately sold out of its initial pressing of 100 copies, and was quickly given a vinyl release by Düsseldorf label Shhhh. Following a split 7″ single with fellow German ambient artist and friend Altars Altars, Cass.‘ second full-length, ‚Magical Magical‘, appeared on the Japanese label Home Normal. Coming after this summers ‚The Sounds Of Glades‘ mini-album with Wolf Müller from Düsseldorf, Youth Sessions sees Cass. expand his solo works beyond ambient towards a more whole explorative and encompassing ouvert. Following his participation in the Schleißen series in 2016, which was actually a reissue of the tape-release by Dauw, Cass. returned in 2017 with his new explorative solo album, Youth Sessions.
Cass. upcoming record Postclub Prism will be released in spring 2018 and will consist of ten pieces of ambient music about light and romance and will be the first release of a new ‚International Series‘ on Into The Light Records.


26.10.2018 | Kleines Haus: Twilight Sounds


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