Andrea Cichecki

Andrea Cichecki is an artist inspired by sound and specialised in the field of electronic music. Based in
Germany but with Dutch roots, Andrea has been honing her skills intensely during the last few years in
order to flourish her creativity and to perfect her craftsmanship. Her distinctive musical style is like her
mind, a bit odd, crazy but full of passion and curiosity. Throughout her life, Andrea has always been
fascinated by emotions, human connection and their correlation with music and sound.

Her atmospheric music can be described as a dreamful sound collage, to flow away and to feel emotional.
The musical intent is built on a landscape that can go from intense joy to melancholic emotions, a
cinematic journey about life and memories. Her main inspiration is finding inner peace by connecting
with nature.

For over two decades, Andrea played as a DJ across Europe. She lived in Berlin where she was deeply
involved in the electronic music and a regular DJ in the club-scene. Having had several releases under her
belt, it was time to fulfil her dreams. Andrea decided to study ‚Music Production & Sound Engineering‘ at
the Abbey Roads Institute. This helped her to enrich her sound, her creative mind and professionalism.
Now she is in full demand of composing, producing, mixing, mastering and working at Castle Studios in
the countryside of Röhrsdorf, just outside Dresden.

Her music has been released on labels like Telrae, Sol Asylum, Rotate, RA+RE Records or Redevice

This year she will finish her album and start working on an elaborate audio-visual project that she intends
to perform live in the near future.

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