ANAKHEMIA is the artist persona of Afra Khan who is a music producer, live controllerist, lyricist, video artist and DJ. 
With deep-rooted interests in inter-planetary exploration, wireless technology and abstract sound frequencies, her music can be expected to flow through a canvas of sonic textures that are anti, raw, evocative, cinematic and avant-garde under the banner of mind-body electronic music.
Growing up between places, with a majority of her formative years spent in
Saudi Arabia, she finds the notions of conformity, belonging and identity very illusionary and dangerous ideas that reflect in the versatile sound of her performances.
Having self-released her debut track, ‘The Prophecy’ in November 2015, she has
received support from press and veterans in the electronic dance music industry such as
the Techno Originator – Juan Atkins, André Winter, Discwoman and others, while the music video for ‚The Prophecy‘ was selected for display at ‘Techno & the City’ art exhibition hosted by Techno & Philosophy and Fiumano Art Gallery in
London in November 2016, where it shared space with pioneering Techno visual artists who’ve worked with music legendaries like Underground
Resistance, Jeff Mills and many more.
She was also curated under the VISIBILITY banner in 2019 at the premier electronic music exhibition – Expo Electro – hosted at the Philharmonie de Paris,
where she was represented alongside visual works of legendary electronic musicians like Daft Punk and Kraftwerk.

Her hybrid / live AV set titled ‚SATYRNUS – The Wise Prince,‘ performed for the Women in Experimental Festival, March 2021 is archived in the Sound and Moving Image Catalogue at The British Library, U.K.
She continues to be inspired by the position of technology in music and pop-culture, while remaining curious about the influence of electronic music on human behaviour.

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