Rakans, is a Dj, Artist, and a visionary. Experimental and eclectic approaches to Arts and Music make his Live Sets and sound choices unique and wild. Rakans is a DJ also the founder of Rawmantique party in Dresden, Rawmantique is a Safe Space that’s main aim is collecting the alternative underground kids and giving them a space for explorations whether they’re sexual, social or psychological. Rakans’s flamboyant decisions with Fashion and Music brought him to the center of attention from local and European collectives. Rakans performed on Boiler room, & also Hör Berlin. Also main floors of multiple reputable clubs such as Sektor (DD) Wilde Renate (BLN) Depot (Paris) KitKat (BLN) and multiple others.

His work and background in Art Direction give him a love to the Aesthetics, although has a touch of darkness, but rather full of life and imagination also- which is noticeable through his Art Works and productions. Rakans’s (with Palestinian origin) journey started from Beirut, a City that’s moving like the tides, full of changes and instability. Between the Oriental Mosques and churches and the western Malls and Fashion brands he has previously experimented with avant-guard and pop music, performed in amazing clubs of Beirut such as “The Grand Factory”, participated in »RedBull Music Academy«, released an EP under the name of LÜJAH, the album was written about in many publications and local newspapers under the title of »The Unpredictable Hurricane: Rakans«.

His music often takes on an emotional and dramatic aspects bringing love, sexuality, and tenderness as main topics into the techno sounds which not only make the crowd dance hard, but also go back to their first instincts of sexual desires and pleasures.



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