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23 Okt — 01 Nov 2020



When it comes to the next generation of heads shaping the UK’s contemporary soundsystem and electronic scenes, Ossia is high up on the list of the marshals of the vanguard.

‚As a producer, he turns technical flaws into potent atmospheric tools in time-honoured dub tradition. He pulls ghosts out of rattling reverb springs and noisy channels, creating loaded ambience that creeps and lurks in the language of mutes, FX sends and faders‘ — RESIDENT ADVISOR

Through running a range of record labels and being a member of Bristol’s Young Echo Sound, he has amassed a wide knowledge and in-depth understanding of music that informs his own skewed, futuristic drenched-in-dread aesthetic and his unhinged take on soundsystem & club music.

Ossia has become notorious for bending the rules of genre & club convention, easily taking in the deepest of depth charges or high-powered dancefloor mania at any given time, with constant twists and turns keeping each and every one on their feet right until the last sweaty minute. He favours movement and energy over monotonous tempo or style restrictions, always drawing from a wide range of records that inform his sound, peppered with exclusive cuts and rarities that are often interspersed with extra effects and trickery in the process.

His sets are known to take in anything from dancehall to dubstep to techno, musique concrete, african sounds, grime, uk hardcore and way beyond.

Having solidified his trade as a DJ, event organiser and label owner since the late 2000’s, his first solo release as Ossia ‚Red X‘ was released on Blackest Ever Black in 2015. The latest addition to his musical catalogue is a 10″ vinyl released on Blackest Ever Black, which gives us a taste of the album to follow later this year.


21.10.2018 | Residenzschloss der Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen: Encounter Scenes

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