Daniel Madlung

Daniel is one Part of „DANYDTRACKS“ – a project together with his wife Mandy. As a musician and artist Daniel lives and works in Dresden. On his search for experimental electronic techno music that began in the late nineties, he has begun to listen to minimal deep house records. The tracks were reduced, pixelated and almost edgy and cool. If you will listen to this stuff today, you quickly realized why nobody was dancing on these records 15 years ago. Many labels no longer exist today and unfortunately left a lot of inspiration and Daniels record collection full of deep minimal an dubtechno music, which he still plays today in his sets.
His sound has become a mixture of Deep House and Minimal House . Timeless, dirty, elegant and hypnotic music is the sound he is looking for. Seemingly never-ending loops and hypnotic subjects morphing into each other, that’s the idea. The simplicity of Oldschool House and Detroittechno inspired him in every piece of what he does.



19.10.2018 | Club Koralle: Chain Reaction

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