Albrecht Wassersleben

The Dresden-based Albrecht Wassersleben has been an integral part of German club culture for the better part of ten years. As a political activist, promoter, label-owner, DJ and programmer, Wassersleben has made a name for himself both upon the stage and behind the scenes.

Albrecht Wassersleben’s point of departure as a cultural activist was as a board member of a socio-cultural association in his hometown, Döbeln – a stepping stone for Wassersleben who later was programming the vast majority of clubs in Dresden.

In 2010 he was one of the minds behind the electronic dance music label Uncanny Valley, and later its sister-label Shtum, releasing both German and international artists.

In addition to curating festivals and clubs, Wassersleben is also a renowned DJ, with his name on sought-after billings for clubs and festivals like Panorama Bar (Berghain), Robert Johnson, Golden Pudel Club, Nachtdigital and Melt Festival.

He now runs the bi-weekly club concept Midi, just one of many efforts to provide an open minded platform for both veterans and newcomers on the local electronic scene. In 2016, Wassersleben also launched his emancipatory and feminist club concept XXY, its main goal being to demonstrate a broader selection of techno and house DJs, citing that it has «diversity and gender politics at its core».



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