Furor Exótica

Argentinian Disco-House duo, formed by Ric Piccolo (composer, producer) and Viky O (vocalist). During the last years, Furor Exótica have performed at major events, festivals and clubs in Europe, Asia and South America such: Fusion Festival (Germany), Camp Cosmic (Sweden), Strelka (Moscow), Танцплощадка (St. Petersburg), Canvas (Amsterdam), Noorderlicht (Amsterdam), Bar (Rotterdam), C12 (brussels), Szpitalna 1 (Kraków), Zukunft (Zurich), Wanderlust (Paris), Le Sucre (Lyon), Nuba (Paris), Kater Blau (Berlin), Goethebunker (Essen, Serendipity (Foligno), Jolene (Copenhagen), Ingensteds (Oslo), PADA (Tallin), Lollapalooza Festival (Buenos Aires), Cocoliche (Buenos Aires), Levitar (Buenos Aires), Ciudad Emergente (Argentina), Panorámica Festival (Argentina), Ciudad Cultural Konex (Argentina), Rio (Montevideo), Dada (Shanghai), Mansion (Shanghai), Dada (Beijing), NOX (Chengdu), Echo Bay (Chonqing), Loopy (Hangzhou), Aoyama Tunnel (Tokyo), Potato Head (Hong Kong), Salon (Hong Kong), Potato Head (Bali), FJ (Jakarta), Box Studio (Seoul), Output (Busan).


15.10.2022 23:00 Uhr | DAVE OFF | 15,00 €

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