At the mere age of four years old, young Frenquency was already intrigued by all kinds of music. Nowadays that sparkling interest manifested itself into producing different electronic sounds and music, for in the club and outside. His music is strongly influenced by a blend of multiple genres like Juke, Footwork, Ghettohouse, Jungle, Rave, Tropical Bass, DnB, Beats and Hiphop.

His livesets are hybrid of nature and have an emphasis of releasing the right energy towards the dancefloor, from fast-paced rhythms to dazzling melodies.
Frenquency released a couple of EP’s lately: The ‘Might Be The One EP’, The ’FLEXXIN’ EP’ and the ‘Good As Gold EP’. All were released on 4NC¥, founded by PAV4N known as founding member of the UK Hiphop crew Foreign Beggars, that are well known worldwide for their collaboration with Noisia. In the last couple of years several EP’s got released: ‘My World EP’ (2019), ‘Starfunk EP’ (2017) on Black Marble Collective, the ‘Greyscale EP’ (2015) on Hamburg based label Saturate Records and three EP’s on Amsterdam based Basserk Records. Besides EP’s he dropped a bunch of tracks, bootlegs and remixes on several labels worldwide, like Samsara, Uncomfortable Beats, Sequel One, Diamond Juke and Internetghetto. His tunes get support by the likes of Noisia, LCY, Jensen Interceptor, Bianca Oblivion, Sam Binga and plays on platforms like Boiler Room, Rinse FM and NTS Radio.

Obviously Frenquency has seen his fair share of playing livesets in countries and venues so far. The highlights would be shows in Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok, Jakarta, Melbourne, Berlin, London, Hamburg, Krakow, Verona, Copenhagen, Antwerp and Amsterdam. Frenquency is on its way as an established name in the national and international electronic music scene.


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