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23 Okt — 01 Nov 2020


Due Pančáke

The brothers Sergio and Valentino Pančáke are the only traceable descendants of a quick love affair between an Italian Gelataio and a heroine of Czech Palačinky Artisanship.
Growing up in the deep forests of Northern Bohemia, they had always dreamed of being lumberjacks, but later decided to focus on popular and unpopular dance music – due to the higher quality of drinks in this particular line of business.

While in the 80s they still had to make a living as leg models and doubles for the actor Gojko Mitič, they have now slashed their way through the bottomless pits of dance music to see the brighter day of your personal after hour.

Be sure they will empty either your dancefloor or your precious supplies of Spumante.

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