Alphonsine Koh

Alphonsine Koh is a DJ, Producer and Artist born in Singapore and now based in Germany. Her live DJ sets are usually filled with diverse genres and tempos constituting experimental sounds, hypnotic synths, varying rhythms, witty vocals and massive effects. Her mixes continually evolve and more often than not are an experimentation of sounds that creates a different style altogether.

She is now part of Respect The Artist Before, a budding international collective and collaborative platform of Artists formed around a philosophy of instinctive creation while not limited to any medium. These 6 artists from Belgium, Germany, France and Singapore gathered around a permanent experimentation project that is set to expand in 2022 and 2023.


12.10.2022 22:30 Uhr | Midi DAVE Special | 5,00 €

14.10.2022 19:00 Uhr | DAVE Festivalbar | free entry

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